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December 8, 2017


Enhance your website with 360-degree videos and photos

Are you struggling to get attention online?
Are your beautiful images not quite enough to get ahead of the competition anymore? At hedley enterprises, we are onto it!

360-degree video.

360-degree video is a virtual open door to your business. It allows your viewers to fully experience the inside of your space before they get there. Accommodation? Step this way to the bedroom. Restaurant? Get a full impression of the ambience and seating arrangements before booking that perfect table. These videos allow your clients to interact and explore with you on your site and on related channels like Facebook and Youtube.

And perhaps more importantly? 360-degree videos are fun for your viewers; who doesn’t want to play at turning around and looking up and down? And all the while they are spending their valuable time on your site deciding which cottage they would like to book and for how many weeks.

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